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"I was overweight, inactive and had high blood pressure. Three months later, after starting one of AB'S Fitness packages, I've lost 2 ½ stone and my passion now is running 10k races. I never thought it was possible. Thanks for giving me my life back, Ashley." - Alex, 42, Optometrist


Changing habits is hard. Whatever your fitness goals, you'll need to adjust your weekly routine, something we understand very well. It's not just about giving you expert one-to-one tuition, we'll motivate you to achieve much more than you would on your own and give you practical advice on everything from how to stretch to optimising your training with nutritional advice and recovery using sports massage and our fantastic spa facility. Most importantly, we put a lot of effort into creating a fun, motivating environment that gets RESULTS. We've established what works and what doesn't.

AB'S programmes are designed around the individual needs of the client to keep them moving towards their individual goals, with weekly assessments thrown in to make sure they stay on track.

Call today to book a consultation with Ashley to see how you can change your fitness on 07950 008899. Per 1 Hour Session £30

ONE-TO-ONE Power Plate Training

One-to-One Power Plate Training is an advanced training tool that uses acceleration technology. It stimulates muscular contractions 25-55 times per second to give you a great workout, while improving flexibility and bone density in a fraction of the time. Perfect for those who need toning but their time is tight.

One-to-One Power Plate £15


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