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At AB'S we believe that implementing a healthy diet is the core foundation to our health and fitness programmes. Our aim is to teach you what a healthy eating plan looks like and then help you implement it as easily as possible to ensure healthy weight loss long-term.


Is such a healthy eating programme that not only complements our personalised fitness training but will ensure you get the maximum benefits in losing weight, body fat and inches safely and, more importantly, ensuring that you can keep it off long-term.

We understand that people are different in how they like to approach a new eating programme. While some people like to follow a set eating plan, others prefer the freedom of choice. Whatever your personality, we will endeavour to provide a system that suits your lifestyle and personality.

"Feeling rundown from work and an unhealthy diet, I consulted Ashley about my nutrition. His weight loss expertise has totally revised my health. Weekly measurements keep me motivated, and The Diet Secret helped me drop from size 14 to 10. I now have energy!" - Elaine, 28, Manager

Following an initial consultation, our superb starter pack includes a diet and lifestyle handbook that contains over 100 pages of dietary advice, hints, tips, a 28-day menu, planner tape measure and a full month's supply of the Step 1, 2, 3 Nutritional Support Programme (Trim XL; Omega 3, 6, & 9; and Night Cleanser).

At AB'S we know that keeping weight off long-term is difficult to maintain, but by offering regular weekly diet consultations, where we do body analysis of weight, body fat % and hydration levels, combined with a vibration-plate training session, we believe we have the expertise that sets us apart and gives us what it takes to keep you motivated and on track to reach goals you thought were not attainable before. So whether you want to lose a few pounds or several stone or drop a dress size or three, we have the healthy programme for you.

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The Diet Secret

  • Initial consultation (1 hr) £30
  • Step 1: TRIM XL £20 per tub
  • Step 2: OMEGA (3,6,9) £30 per tub
  • Step 3: NIGHT CLEANSER £20 per tub

Full starter pack, includes
  • 3 supplement restock £60
  • Weekly diet consultation £15
  • Greens Plus Wild Berry Burst £40 per tub

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