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Boom Or Bust For The Beauty Industry

Monday, November 21st 2016 9:29pm

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at The Cottage Therapies in Dungannon. We read an article this week about the popularity of beauty salons and the proliferation of them across the UK. The article reported that there are 12 new salons opening each and every week. In fact there was more new beauty salons opened up last year than any other type of independent business, with an overall increase in 2015 of 626 salons which has increased the number in the UK by around 10%.

Now there are two ways of looking at this. You may see it that the beauty industry is booming and becoming more popular and used more frequently year upon year, or you may worry that there are just too many beauty salons on UK high streets and that we are close to reaching saturation point. We prefer to see it as a positive sign that people are becoming more aware of the need to look after the way they look, and they see the great improvements in beauty treatments over the last few years. And we believe that as long as you run a good establishment and keep yourself at the forefront of any new techniques and developments in the beauty industry then you will thrive. That is certainly what we do and we intend to keep on doing so.

Susan Routledge who runs a salon in County Durham said: "It's no longer a luxury, it's just part of everyday living," she says. "We've had clients before who've actually factored in their beauty treatment as part of their divorce settlement. That's how mainstream it is becoming."

And on the subject of male grooming Mark Jones, who runs E Street Barbers in Leeds said: "I would say a much higher percentage of men are more conscious of their hair now than 10 years ago. "There have always been guys that are conscious about their hair, but they were going to [high-end salons], where you're talking £80 a hair cut. Now you get these guys that are really fashion conscious, but they don't want to go to a women's salon. All the barbers in the industry have had to up their game, and they're knocking out really stylish cuts but at more affordable prices."

For more on this story about the proliferation of salons across the UK you can go to the Guardian website at the following link: Are There Too Many Beauty Salons?


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